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chemicalmind's Journal

ich Liebe Dich
8 February
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abandoned buildings,abbie hoffman,aesop rock,andy warhol,angry samoans,animals,anton lavey,aphex twin,arab strap,army of darkness,art,ASSUCK,atom & his package,audioslave,aus rotten,autechre,autumn,babes in toyland,being naked,Biorequiem.com,bloodbath,bobby digital,books,
bookstores,boston,built to spill,burn motherfucker burn,burnt by the sun,Burzum,cannibal ox,card games,cartoons,cats,chaos,charles bukowski,check engine,chicks on speed,churros,Cibo Matto,clan of xymox,clea duvall,clouds,code13,
coca-cola,converge,cormega,crass,creative writing,crooked fingers,cruise ships,cursive,david bowie,day dreaming,decrepit,deicide,dillinger escape plan,d.i.y.,
dropdead,emerson lake & palmer,emotions,erica,evil dead,fallon bowman,film,frozen pizza,from autumn to ashes,glassjaw,goatwhore,gravediggaz,
harry potter,hedwig and the angry inch,hello kitty,incense,insanity,inspiration,intimacy,interpol,invader zim,jack kerouac,james brown,jane's addiction,janis joplin,jazz,judas priest,king diamond,kittens,kool keith,krisiun,
lightning,local h,lock up,lord of the rings,ludacris,lust,mastadon,melvins,mercury rev,michael moore,
miles davis,mindless self indulgence,minor threat,miss kittin & the hacker,modest mouse,mortiis,Mr. Toads Wild Ride,museums,N.E.R.D.,naked city,new order,nietzche,nitzer ebb,
non-phixion,one flew over the cuckoo's nest,passion,patti smith,people,pheromones,philosophy,pi,pictures,pink & brown,poe,
plutocracy,powerman 5000,pulp fiction,psychology,rain,reading,
red hot chili peppers,redman,robin hitchcock,roller coasters,RZA,salvador dali,saul williams,scorn,self expression,sex,sigur ros,silver chair,shaky bonez,shy artist girls,shudder to think,
six feet under,six flags great america,sleep,smashing pumpkins,snot,snow,soulfly,soundgarden,sparklehorse,squarepusher,star wars,steal this movie,stereo total,strike anywhere,submission hold,superjoint ritual,surrealism,tear down the sky,THABTO,the beatles,the blood brothers,the brian setzer orchestra,
the clash,the crystal method,the distillers,the eyes of stanley pain,the flaming lips,the goonies,the locust,
the ocean at night,the soft boys,the streets,thinking,thrift stores,thunder,thunderstorms,
today is the day,tool,traveling,vader,Varg Vikernes,waking life,WAR,watching people,zines
a clockwork orange, afterlife, alec empire, alice in wonderland, andres segovia, anthony burgess, anti-censorship, anti-racist action, atari teenage riot, beck, big bad voodoo daddy, bikini kill, billy idol, bjork, bob dylan, bob marley, brownies, buddhism, busta rhymes, cannibal corpse, capitalist casualties, catharsis, charles bronson, cherry flavored chap stick, cherry soda, chinese food, chino xl, circle of dead children, coffee, cradle of filth, crimethinc., crisis, cypress hill, d.r.i., d12, daniel merriam, dead kennedys, death, death metal, deftones, delta 9, donald duck, donnie brasco, dread locks, dreams, eminem, emperor, fear and loathing, fight, fight club, frank sinatra, freedom, french silk pie, glass jaw, guitars, hardcore, helen hunt, hip-hop, hippies, hirax, hoodies, ice cream, idealism, imagination, infest, intelligence, jack off jill, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, kik wear, kittie, kottonmouth kings, krs one, kungfu rick, kurt vonnegut, le tigre, led zeppelin, life, lords of acid, louis armstrong, love, ludwig van beethoven, marilyn manson, mayhem, metal, method man, ministry, misfits, music, nachos, nail bomb, napalm death, nasum, natural born killers, nature, nine inch nails, ninja turtles, nirvana, noam chomsky, old metallica, old skool puma's, open-minded people, outkast, painting, pamela courson, peace, peanut butter, pez, pig destroyer, pink floyd, poetry, politics, punk, radiohead, rage against the machine, rancid, randomness, rasputina, reservoir dogs, revolution, road trips, roller coasters, ron d core, sex pistols, shed dwellaz, skitsystem, slipknot, snail mail, soilent green, spazz, spree, strawberry banana smoothies, system of a down, techno, the color green, the doors, the ramones, tom petty, type o negative, vampires, vegetable stir-fry, vegetarian burritos, walls of jericho, warbux, weezer, whip cream, willy wonka, wolfbrigade, writing, wu-tang clan