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There is a game called "U.S.A." The play of the game is concentrated on parts of a board called "United States of America." But players can move all over the world. The players have different pieces they move around. Some pieces are considered more important and more powerful than other pieces. The pieces are called names like "president," "senator," "representative," "secretary," "judge," "general," "captain," "governor," "attorney," "marshall," "sheriff," "policeman," "policewoman," "businessman," "businesswoman," "doctor," "soldier," "citizen," "employee," "taxpayer," "voter," "parent," "child," "teacher," "preacher," "journalist," "unemployee," "criminal," etc.

The pieces considered to be most important (joined in an association called the "government") make up the rules of the game as they go along. The rules are called "laws." The "most important players" change the rules whenever they like. The score of the game is kept with tokens called "money."

The board on which the game is played has good squares, neutral squares, and bad squares. If a piece lands on a good square, the player might win a million tokens or get a promotion and exchange his or her piece for a more important piece. If a piece lands on a neutral square, the player just continues as usual. If a piece lands on a bad square, the player might get sick and/or die, or might have "money" tokens or "property" "seized" by the "most important players," or is locked up in "jail" by the "most important players." Sometimes when two pieces land on the same square, they form a union called "marriage" - this could be good, neutral, or bad.

The "most important players" compel the players with pieces called "children" to move into squares (good, neutral, or bad?) called "schools," where the pieces are "educated" so they will learn that the game called "U.S.A." is the only game and the best game in the world. Of course, they are also "educated" on how to play the game.

Sometimes the "most important players" organize a subgame called "war." The purpose of this subgame is to destroy as many pieces as possible. When a player's piece is destroyed, the player is killed and buried.

The silly little game called "U.S.A." also has elements called "problems" that need to be "solved." These "problems" are called names like: "terrorism," "unemployment," "inflation," "depression," "drug addiction," "pollution," "crime," "rape," "child abuse," "suicide," etc., etc.

Practically all humans have been "educated" to believe that they must play silly little games like "U.S.A." throughout their lives. And if they don't like their silly little games, they must change their silly little games, for example, by begging "the most important players" to change some of the rules of their silly little games.

Horror of horrors! Humans are "educated" to believe that their silly little games are real life. They have no idea that what they are doing is just playing a silly, arbitrary, optional game, and that they can play many other games if they wake up.
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