ich Liebe Dich (chemicalmind) wrote,
ich Liebe Dich

i want to eat lots of peanut butter.

I have been feeling like lameness lately. I am coming down with something. i have lost my voice and it is horrible. I have learned other ways to express my self.

did not do much today. I didnt go to school and i called off of work. Erica and Naomi came over and we talked.

I gave naomi my modest mouse CD because her CD got stolen :(

I also let her borrow my Robin Hitchcock storefront DVD.

Erica took naomi home because she wasnt feeling well.

Erica came back to my house and we finished watching Peter Pan.

We just chilled and I got lost in her eyes as usual. Then i ate some yummy pasta with extra sauce.

I have to get bloodwork done tomorrow. I hope everything is GOOD.

I keep losing weight. It is scary. that mixed with my stomach problems is not a good thing.

Supposedly I am held responsible for people changing their beliefs.

I didnt think i was that special.

also, somebody named paul doesnt like me very much. it's a shame, because i have no problems with him.

gee, i thought highschool ended years ago...

goodnight all.

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