ich Liebe Dich (chemicalmind) wrote,
ich Liebe Dich

these are the things i do.

hung out with Erica,Naomi, and Jana yesterday. it was pretty fun. we walked around in the park. I wathced Erica and naomi skate. then we picked up Jana from the train station and went to panera bread. I was nervous about ordering because i am shy.

i got a garden veggie sandwich. it was great. jana devoured the free bread and naomi taunted me to steal it.

erica was beautiful and drank some of my lemonade. My stomach hurt like crazy.

we had plans to watch Pi, but Erica and naomi got in the Hedwig mood and sang their asses off to the soundtrack in the car, so random little erica decided to go to borders and purchase the film for our enjoyment.

we watched it, it was the second time i have seen it. STILL FANTASTIC!!

jana was tired and didnt know what to think about the movie.

we went up stairs to catatonically (is that a word?) watch jay leno.

my stomach hurt some more and i had to leave, i didnt want to leave but you know...

oh and we talked about the beatles and how jana thinks tom petty has a fake spanish accent.

it was good times.
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